Chinatown – The Three Shelters 86' / Drama / In Post Production


Cleo, a greek-chinese girl brought up with love and light in the hills of Cyprus, finds out on her 18th birthday that her long deceased father was, in fact, murdered by the Chinese mafia. She swears to take revenge. An old friend of her father, Cook Lin, takes up her training and protection, while his young assistant falls in love with her. But soon, Cleo gets tired of Lin’s advice for patience. She sets out for revenge and discovers that Lin holds a well-kept secret. Her biggest enemy, she will find out is her own dark destiny that was avoided at birth, but now, that Cleo turned 18, the time for payback has come…

Katerina Misichroni, Richard Ng, Chris Li, Jaqueline Chang, Themis Bazaka, Yiannis Stankoglou, Koullis Nikolaou, Nicholas Goh

Written and Directed by Aliki Danezi-Knutsen
Producer: Anna Tsiarta
Co-Production: Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee, Seahorse Films, Highway Productions S.A (Development), Black Orange S.A.
Director of Photography: Vladimir Subotic
Production Designer: Lisa Tsouloupas
Costume Designner: Stelios F. Stylianou
Make Up Artist: Evi Zafiropoulou
Sound Recordist: Ntinos Kittou
Action Directors: Antje Rau/Master Tang Tung Wing
Editor: Kenan Akkawi

94 minutes / Action-Drama
Format: Red HD/ 1:2.35 Anamorphic / Color
Dolby Digital
Cyprus / Greece
Language: English/Greek/Chinese

With the support of  SEE Network
The script was developed at Meditteranean Film Institute
eQquinox (Germany)