Eyes of a Blue Dog 15 min / Drama / 2005


A man and a woman meet regularly in their dream. They decide a “code” to recognise one another in daytime. The problem is that the man never, when awake, never remembers his dream. The woman desperately tries to find him.

Irini Drakou
Yiannis StankoglouMarios Ioannou


Based on short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez “Eyes of a Blue Dog”
Adapted, Written and Directed by: Aliki Danezi-Knutsen
Director of Photography: Vladimir Subotic
Art Director: Katerina Kana
Produced by: Aliki Danezi-Knutsen/Yiannis Stankoglou

15 minutes / Drama
35mm and Digital / 1:1.85 / Color
Greece, Cyprus / Greek