Karavansarai 52' / Music Documentary/ 1998


In this film, the viewer is transported to a visual and aural feast in Fez, Morocco, where the Festival for World Sacred Music takes place annually. A response to the Gulf War, the Festival’s intention is to promote greater understanding between the different cultures and religions of the world. The Festival is a showplace for the diversity of spiritual music and performance. The beauty of these forms is all the more enhanced through the film’s exploration of the sensuous setting of Fez, the former spiritual metropolis of Morocco where medieval Andalusian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures intermingled since the 7th century.

Directed by: Aliki Danezi-Knutsen
Produced by: Borna Alikhani
Executive Producer: Nicholas S.T. Möller
Editor: Marc Boulay
Director of Photography: Cornelius Schultze-Kraft
Sound Engineer: Marianne Schoendoerff
Production Manager: Johanna Schwartz
Assistant Director: Marios Koutsourelis
Festival Director: Dr. Faouzi Skali
Co Production: Center For World Dialogue, Yellownet London, Roads and Oranges Film Productions Ltd,

in association with Fez-Saiss

Featured Musicians:

Uzbekistan : Monajat Yulcheva / Sufi songs of Central Asia
United States: Barbara Hendricks / Gospel
Morocco : Gnawa / Migrant Traditional Songs
Turkey : Whirling Dervishes of Konya /Sufi Dance and Music
India: Begum Parveen Sultana & Ustad Dilshad Khan /Raga of Northen India
Greece: Lycourgos Angelopoulos Byzantine Choir / Liturgical Greek Orthodox Chants
Indonesia: Wacana Budaya Gamelan / Javanese Gamelan Dance
Morocco: Issawa / Traditional Music
Spain: Begonia Olavide, Mudajar Ensemble / Songs from Medival Andalusia
Sweden: Laude Novella / Songs of the Middle Ages & Renaissance
Morocco: Mohammed Soussi, Sidi Thami Mdaghri Ensemble / Malhoun of Fez
Azerbaijan: Alim Kassimov / Chants and Music of Sufi Inspiration
Morocco: Sufis of Fez / Deraqaouiya Sufi Practice
Morocco: Albert Bouhadanna, Arabo-Andalusian Orchestra / Jewish Tradition of Moroccan Piyyout Fez,
Morocco: Rachid Berkoul / Sounds from the Streets of the Medina Ireland: Anúna



Genre: Music Documentary
Duration: 52 minFormat: Digital Video/ (1:1.85)/Color
Country and Year of Production: England/Morocco/Cyprus 1998